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What We Do...

Palms Lends a Hand

Members of PALMS lend a hand when needed.  This includes weeding collections and helping to revitalize library media centers.

PALMS most recent project: Gibbs High School, 3/6/2021

"Together we pulled over 1,500 outdated books off of the shelves, deleted them from Destiny, blacked-out barcodes and the school name, stamped them with “Discarded” and put them in recycling bins. They helped me quite a ways in getting towards my goal of total books to weed before the renovations start."

-Mr. Fisher


Pinellas County School's Library Media Technology Specialists meet to collaborate on best practices and promoting literacy programming in school libraries.


PALMS recognized those outstanding advocates of the Pinellas County Library Media Centers.  This includes Administrators, Support staff and Library Media Technology Specialists.

FAME Conference Presentations


PALMS Board members, Raylee Fleisch (left) and Bonnie Kelley (right) presented breakout sessions at the Annual FAME conference

held in Orlando, FL

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